Before You Vote for War Monger John Hoeven and WW 3, You Must See This

senatorblackIf you saw the ND Senate Debate, you know I called Senator Hoeven out for supporting an illegal assault on Syria and for US and allied support of ISIL. Senator Richard Black is an expert on Syria, and he tells the truth about what is happening. Senator Hoeven supports CIA and DOD plans to wage a tragically immoral and destructive assault on a beautiful, peace loving and civilized nation. The ND Senate Debate will air on Prairie Public Friday, October 28th and again on Sunday November 6th. It is available online at . In the meantime, I urge you to take the time to watch Senator Richard Black’s presentation on Syria below.

A Libertarian Fix for Social Security and Pensions

0B2A4955 (2)Social Security and both public and private sector pension funds are in serious trouble. The Social Security retirement program has been running deficits since 2010, and its trust funds will be empty by 2036. Unless Washington finds more revenues (a.k.a. taxes), the Old-Age and Survivors benefits offered by Social Security will be cut 23 percent by 2035, and disability benefits will be cut 11 percent by 2021. Additionally, state and local government pensions, in the U.S., are dealing with $3.412 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and private sector pensions are struggling as well. So, if you are retired, or you hope to be retired some day, then this information should be of interest to you. Continue reading A Libertarian Fix for Social Security and Pensions

97% Consensus? Pseudo-Science and Climate Change

Science is not a consensus.  Real science is based upon the empirical process of scientific method.  The climate change crisis it based solely upon flawed computer models–computer models that failed to predict the past 20-year pause in global warming or the nearly 11-year period of global cooling.  Any computer model with a 0% success in predicting the past has a 0% chance of predicting the future.

2 Million or More Dead in the Middle East: The Real Reason They Hate Us

cropped-0B2A4955-2.jpgIn September 2001, George W. Bush addressed a joint session of Congress and told the American people that the terrorists that attacked us on 9/11 were motivated by their hate for our freedom.

“They hate what they see right here in this chamber: a democratically elected government. Their leaders are self-appointed. They hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.”

Continue reading 2 Million or More Dead in the Middle East: The Real Reason They Hate Us

Hoeven and Glassheim Spar over Nonsense

cropped-0B2A4955-2.jpgTwo of the three ND candidates for US Senate began their cat fight over the Memorial Day weekend.

According to news reports, Eliot Glassheim has criticized John Hoeven’s support of Donald Trump, and apparently, the scandalous part is Hoeven won’t use the word “endorse” when mentioning his support for The Donald. Glassheim went for the kill with some rhetorical silliness about Hoeven supporting lower wages for working families, rounding up all the immigrants and leaving NATO so bad guys can load up on nuclear weapons. Continue reading Hoeven and Glassheim Spar over Nonsense

The Economy could Seal the Deal for Libertarians in 2016

cropped-0B2A4955-2.jpgSomeone once said politics is the art of deception. And, what we have been told about the economy over the past 8 years is proof of this truism. At a press conference on April 5th, President Obama continued the deceptions as he spoke about the economy. And, as I listened to him, I could only think he must be living in a parallel universe. All I heard was one glowing statement after another about how fabulous our economy is performing. But, one needs only look at the facts reported at the end of the first-quarter to see the truth is the US Economy is contracting at an accelerated rate Continue reading The Economy could Seal the Deal for Libertarians in 2016

Press Release

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Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Robert Marquette Statement on President Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee

0B2A4955 (2)There has been a lot of political rhetoric out of Washington recently regarding Merrick Garland’s nomination to the SCOTUS.  President Obama has spent more than 7 years using the Constitution as a piñata, and now he lectures republicans on their constitutional duties. Mitch McConnell sites an imaginary “Biden Rule” that magically suspends the Senate’s constitutional obligation to advise and consent on the president’s nominee.

But, this is all just political theater. Establishment republicans, like John Hoeven, have spent the last 5 ½ years circumventing budget sequesters, blasting through spending caps, waging illegal wars and destroying our economy. Now that we are entering an election cycle, suddenly they play like they are concerned with preserving the rights of Americans and the Constitution. Continue reading Press Release

Press Release


February 22nd, 2016

Libertarian Robert Marquette of Fargo announces his 2016 U.S. Senate campaign.

Robert N Marquette
Robert N Marquette
Libertarian for US Senate

Robert Marquette of Fargo officially announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate today. Mr. Marquette received the Libertarian Party of North Dakota’s endorsement at their annual meeting in November of last year .

“I’m excited to be announcing my candidacy and thrilled to be part of the expanding Libertarian movement in North Dakota,” Marquette said. “The partisanship and cronyism of the major parties has crippled our political process, and this has led to a lack of real leadership in the Senate.  Voters have witnessed the utter failure of the two-party system and are ready for an alternative.  The Libertarian Party of North Dakota is that alternative.  If elected, I will fight for sound monetary policy, I will shed light on the corruption and cronyism of the entrenched political parties, and I will always work to drastically reduce government’s influence in our lives.” Continue reading Press Release