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Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Robert Marquette Statement on President Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee

0B2A4955 (2)There has been a lot of political rhetoric out of Washington recently regarding Merrick Garland’s nomination to the SCOTUS.  President Obama has spent more than 7 years using the Constitution as a piñata, and now he lectures republicans on their constitutional duties. Mitch McConnell sites an imaginary “Biden Rule” that magically suspends the Senate’s constitutional obligation to advise and consent on the president’s nominee.

But, this is all just political theater. Establishment republicans, like John Hoeven, have spent the last 5 ½ years circumventing budget sequesters, blasting through spending caps, waging illegal wars and destroying our economy. Now that we are entering an election cycle, suddenly they play like they are concerned with preserving the rights of Americans and the Constitution. Continue reading Press Release

On the National Debt

The official numbers out of Washington show the national debt is closing in on $19 trillion.  But, Capital Hill utilizes the same sort of bookkeeping practices that landed 20 Enron executives in prison.  Its called off balance sheet accounting.  This is a technique used to hide debt obligations on a different set of books.  Commentators refer to Washington’s separate accounting ledger by the innocuous term, “unfunded liabilities.” Continue reading On the National Debt

On the Libertarian Party

The Libertarian party is a come as you are party. You need not abandon your morals or ideology. You need not convert to a new political worldview. You only need the desire to see us unite as one nation. You only need the desire to see us speak with one voice to end the corruption in Washington. Unity is but one small step away. Unity is yours for the taking. You need only to choose to step out of the darkness of partisan rhetoric, hatred and resentment and step into the light of love and tolerance for those around you. Continue reading On the Libertarian Party

Press Release


February 22nd, 2016

Libertarian Robert Marquette of Fargo announces his 2016 U.S. Senate campaign.

Robert N Marquette
Robert N Marquette
Libertarian for US Senate

Robert Marquette of Fargo officially announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate today. Mr. Marquette received the Libertarian Party of North Dakota’s endorsement at their annual meeting in November of last year .

“I’m excited to be announcing my candidacy and thrilled to be part of the expanding Libertarian movement in North Dakota,” Marquette said. “The partisanship and cronyism of the major parties has crippled our political process, and this has led to a lack of real leadership in the Senate.  Voters have witnessed the utter failure of the two-party system and are ready for an alternative.  The Libertarian Party of North Dakota is that alternative.  If elected, I will fight for sound monetary policy, I will shed light on the corruption and cronyism of the entrenched political parties, and I will always work to drastically reduce government’s influence in our lives.” Continue reading Press Release

Understanding Inflation as Theft

dollarMany have heard Dr. Ron Paul speak about inflation as a theft of our wealth that drains the life from our economy, yet few of us understand the method or the effects of this monetary policy. But, it is absolutely crucial that every American understands how it affects our lives and how inflation is the principal driving force behind the corruption in Washington and on Wall Street. Continue reading Understanding Inflation as Theft

About Robert

0B2A4955 (2)Robert Marquette was born in Kansas City in 1959. In 1971, he moved with his family to Dallas, Texas where he lived until 2001. Mr. Marquette worked in the semiconductor industry during the 90’s for the Malcolm Baldrige Award winning company, ST Microelectronics, as a CVD Operator and Equipment Service Technician. In 2001, Robert moved to Baltimore, Maryland when he took a job with General Electric’s Consumer Services Division as a Field Service Technician. He transferred to Fort Myers, Florida in 2005 where he lived until coming to Fargo in 2012.  Continue reading About Robert